Network Operations - AS8426


Peering Policy and Interconnection Information

Claranet operate in eleven seperate countries/regions, and peer in six of these:

We present a consistent routing policy and prefix view in every country as represented by our

Our customer base consists of both private and corporate customers. Our products include fixed and mobile connectivity, transit and private cloud in both our own data centres and carrier-neutral co-location facilities. For more information about what we do, please visit us at

Claranet operate a selective peering policy which is generally open, peers must demonstrate,observe and note the following:

Technical Requirements

Administrative Requirements

Meeting the criteria specified here does not guarantee that Claranet will establish a peering relationship with the applicant.

Prospective applicants should send a mail to if they wish to apply, we strongly advise that all sensitive data (such as keys) be encrypted with this PGP/GPG key

For more information about peering with Claranet, you can view our PeeringDB record