Network Operations - AS8426


Forwarding Information

This page is for use by network operators and describes our packet forwarding behaviour

Our network currently forwards IP packets to and from the Internet at a maximum size of 1500 bytes

Our core network is capable of transmitting and receiving up to 9000 bytes of payload but customer connections are by default configured to maximum 1500 bytes. If you wish to transport more than 1500 bytes of payload over your circuits, please contact your account manager (business customers only) to verify that your circuit will support this.

Our core routers de-prioritise ICMP messages that are destined to, or originate from them. The result of which is that traceroutes through our network may display high RTT (round trip time) figures or, in extreme cases, packet loss from the intermediary core nodes. We would like to advise customers that this behaviour is completely normal and that customers only raise support issues if the final hop in the traceroute displays errant behaviour

We are also a participant of MANRS.